Judah | Birth Announcement

Judah is here! I am so pleased to announce that our little bean is here! He arrived early in the morning (3:18am) on August 17th. We are so blessed by his life and excited to be a family of four!


Announcement design by me :)
All the vintage books were passed down to me by my wonderful late aunt Barb
Photo by Amy

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12 thoughts on “Judah | Birth Announcement

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    i LOVE your announcement! would love to recreate it for my son – due in 5 weeks. what did you use?

    • kiiraturnbow says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Thanks!! :) I had my photographer friend take the photo of Judah sleeping on the stacked books with her Canon 5D Mark II, and then I used Photoshop to brighten the image and create the lettering. Do you have Photoshop?

  3. Trichelle says:

    I would love to use this too…my daughter is due in 14 days…and I requested all the guest bring books instead of cards, so this will be perfect! Please share :)

    • kiiraturnbow says:

      Hi Trichelle, thanks! I suggest using several thick books so they don’t slide around. It did take a little work to get the photo because Judah was already 2 weeks old. Try to take the pic in bright natural light, and when she’s under 5 days old so she won’t wiggle and will stay asleep. Also, against a white wall works best if you have one. I work designing birth announcements & stationery, so if you’d like me to re-create it please let me know! :)

      • Elizabeth says:

        I would love you to re-create it for us! Let me know if there’s anything special you would need aside from a high res image. Will reach out to you in the next month or so!

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  6. Nicole says:

    Beautiful announcement. Where did you have them printed?

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