Vintage Watercolor Palette | Summer Baby Shower

Here’s a little peek at a baby shower I’m planning for this summer for one of my best friends. My inspiration began with these amazing 1930’s vintage crepe paper decorations that I found on etsy, which I’m going to re-make with white honeycomb balls and watercolors. I’m so excited about this one! More to come as the planning continues :)

1. Left top via Pinterest (I wish I could find the original source for this one, it’s beautiful!)
2. Left middle via Etsy
3. Left bottom via Etsy
4. Top right via Traci Thorson Photography
5. Right 2nd down via Design*Sponge
6. Right 3rd down via Love my Dress
7. Right 4th down via Green Wedding Shoes
8. Right bottom via Etsy

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Watercolor Palette | Summer Baby Shower

  1. Jill says:

    Super amazing!!!!

  2. Munsheed says:

    You flowers are btlueifual. Why an order hasn’t come through to you is they were deleting a old etsy account and now l can’t use my email till its sorted out, didn’t realise till l wanted to buy something, will get back to you as l want some.Can you let me know were you get your lovely packaging and cards as my printer will not work with vista so need to buy some, have got some vintage buttons and lots of charms to put on my new etsy shop when l can.Jill

  3. […] 1930′s hand painted crepe paper decorations on Etsy awhile back. They fit perfectly into the watercolor theme that I’ve been planning for this baby shower, but they had already been sold.  :(  Instead […]

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