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DIY How to get glue off of jars

A few months ago I began mentally planning a baby shower for my friend Amy. I have always wanted to set up a milk and donuts display at one of my parties, so I started looking around for little jars. Rather than buying a bunch of mini mason jars, I figured I could up-cycle all the baby food jars that I was currently going through with my 6 month old. :) Much to my husbands dismay, we had tons of dirty, empty jars sitting in our sink waiting to be cleaned for days. Despite soaking them in hot water to peel the labels off, they all still had the hardened and impossible remnants of glue on them. That’s when I discovered the use of olive oil!

Put a bit of olive oil onto a paper towel and rub it onto the glue, then use either your fingernail or a knife (I used an x-acto blade) to gently scrape at it. The hardened glue softens and comes off easily. No soaking, chiseling, or frustrated relentless scraping. Then I popped them into the dishwasher for a final rinse and had 30 beautifully clean jars to serve milk and donuts with! :)

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