Thank you for stopping by! I would love to hear from you. Please email me if you have any design needs. I design custom stationery, invitations, cards, party details, wedding suites, t-shirts, and much more!

kiira turnbow
mom, designer & party planner :)

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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. kiira says:

    I found your website through pinterest- I love your son’s birth announcement! I couldn’t help but notice we have the same name! I’ve never met another two-i Kiira! Happy to find you and your beautiful website!

    • kiiraturnbow says:

      thanks kiira! wow!! i’ve never met another two-i Kiira either :) where did your parents come up with it? my parents were inspired by the movie xanadu (haha) but then changed the spelling around to make me unique, lol. i always hated it growing up because no one could pronounce it OR spell it right. but now i love it :)

  2. kiira says:

    My parents found it in a magazine- House Beautiful actually. There was an article on the designer of Merrimekko and his three daughters, one of whom was named Kiira. I agree- no one seems to spell it right, but I do love how unique it is!

  3. Derek Kellett's Aunt Lisa Seiple says:

    Hi, My name is Lisa Seiple and I’m in on the Elizabeth & Derek Kellett Baby Shower scheduled for 10 November. You have designed a lovely rainbow-ish, more oranges and green invite. I told Liz I would ask if you could duplicate the same art work and font in a simple Thank you card. I was envisioning, again, same color palette & font on a simple card , stating Thank You, with a blank white interior and accompanying plain white envelope. It seems that 60 is the magic quantity. Could you please let me know if you are available to make these cards, timing, and price.
    I can also be reached by phone at
    570 259-1079. Lisa Seiple
    Kellett Baby Shower
    Thank you,

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