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DIY Paint Chip Garland

I’ve been crafting away for several months now planning this watercolor themed baby shower. I’ve had my hands full with my 2 boys, so I’ve slowly been working on bits and pieces here and there as the weeks go on. This week I’m working on making a garland out of round paint chips. I saw the idea for a paint swatch chandelier here, and decided to make it into a long garland that I could hang along the wall. This is a super simple and very cheap project. The only thing I had to purchase was the scalloped paper punch (about $9), the string (about $2) and craft glue (about $10), all sold at Michael’s or any other craft store.

Get the paint swatches from any hardware store. I went to several different stores and took a few here, a few there…”browsing” for paint colors (lol!) because I didn’t want to clean them out of all their paint chips :) I wanted my garland to be double sided, so I made sure to have enough paint swatches to punch at least 20 circles of each color.

First, punch out all your circles and create color stacks. I lined each of my stacks up in color order (pink to orange to yellow to blue) so that I could quickly grab and glue. Tape your string to the top of your table and lay it flat (this keeps it tight while you’re gluing). Take your first colored circle and brush some scrapbooking glue on the non-colored side. Taking a second circle of the same color, pinch the string in between the two, pressing hard so the glue sticks. Continue on in whatever color order you wish. I think this could be cute as an ombre garland in all pinks, or even as a brightly colored rainbow garland. Whatever your theme is, this super easy and inexpensive garland makes a perfect decoration piece.

Happy crafting!

DIY How to get glue off of jars

A few months ago I began mentally planning a baby shower for my friend Amy. I have always wanted to set up a milk and donuts display at one of my parties, so I started looking around for little jars. Rather than buying a bunch of mini mason jars, I figured I could up-cycle all the baby food jars that I was currently going through with my 6 month old. :) Much to my husbands dismay, we had tons of dirty, empty jars sitting in our sink waiting to be cleaned for days. Despite soaking them in hot water to peel the labels off, they all still had the hardened and impossible remnants of glue on them. That’s when I discovered the use of olive oil!

Put a bit of olive oil onto a paper towel and rub it onto the glue, then use either your fingernail or a knife (I used an x-acto blade) to gently scrape at it. The hardened glue softens and comes off easily. No soaking, chiseling, or frustrated relentless scraping. Then I popped them into the dishwasher for a final rinse and had 30 beautifully clean jars to serve milk and donuts with! :)

Vintage Watercolor Palette | Summer Baby Shower

Here’s a little peek at a baby shower I’m planning for this summer for one of my best friends. My inspiration began with these amazing 1930’s vintage crepe paper decorations that I found on etsy, which I’m going to re-make with white honeycomb balls and watercolors. I’m so excited about this one! More to come as the planning continues :)

1. Left top via Pinterest (I wish I could find the original source for this one, it’s beautiful!)
2. Left middle via Etsy
3. Left bottom via Etsy
4. Top right via Traci Thorson Photography
5. Right 2nd down via Design*Sponge
6. Right 3rd down via Love my Dress
7. Right 4th down via Green Wedding Shoes
8. Right bottom via Etsy

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The Magic of Baking

Baking is like magic. Yep, I said it. It’s magical. Out of nothing (well, nothing significant when standing alone) appears something delicious. Flour, sugar, butter…throw together and POOF, desserts! I’ve always been a super frugal girl, so I joke with my husband Josh that baking is like creating free food – the BEST! Since there’s always flour, sugar, baking ingredients & butter in the house my brain doesn’t put monetary value to it, it’s just like the most amazing free food ever. :) Lol

Yesterday we hosted our small group for the first time, so I made it my mission to wow everyone with an array of delicious treats. I’ve always loved having people over and sharing time over good food, but over the past year I’ve really jumped head first into a passion for entertaining guests, cooking & baking.

I figured it’d be easy if everything was relatively bite sized (real intention: laziness motivated by not having to wash 15 sets of silverware!) I made my old stand-by, Lemon bars, which are an easy fix since I have an abundance of lemons dangling off the lemon tree in my backyard. I’ll post that recipe a little later, because the main focus is the mini-pies I made for the first time. Which ended up much better than I had anticipated (I was nervous about these little guys).

For these mini cherry pies, I used regular muffin tins. They are SO simple. Just store bought refrigerated pie crust and a can of cherry pie filling. I followed the tutorial from Sew Sweet Stitches, which walks you through a from scratch cherry filling. I didn’t have time to make the filling from scratch with everything else I was doing, so I settled for canned but they was seriously great.

I had half a container of fresh blueberries in my fridge, so I used the remainder of the pie crust dough to make these mini blueberry pies with a lemon streusel topping. OMG my new favorite! I took this recipe from Pillsbury and modified it a little bit. Instead of using their coconut streusel topping, I created a lemon streusel to give them some zippiness. Then I drizzled them with lemon glaze.

Lemon streusel:
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Lemon glaze:
Combine 6 tablespoons of powdered sugar with enough lemon juice to make a thick glaze. Drizzle over cooled pies.

(Photo credit Jessica Burns)

And last but not least, my third dessert was a new one that my amazingly talented foodie friend Jessica introduced me to. They’re Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Shortcake cookies and they’re one of my new favorites. You can find the recipe and an awesome photo-journey walking you through the steps of making these wonderful little treats here on Jessica’s blog. :)

Happy baking!!

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Featured by OnToBaby!

I’m so excited to share that OnToBaby has featured Micah’s 3rd birthday party this week! Check it out and share it with your friends and family! :)


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