DIY Watercolor Chandelier

After the success of my paint chip garland, I decided to try it out with my own handpainted watercolor chips and make it into a chandelier. I’m throwing a watercolor themed baby shower for my good friend Amy next month, and I thought what an adorable gift to make and give her for the nursery.

What you need:

– heavy white cardstock
– watercolors
– scalloped paper punch (about 1.25″ wide)
– small hole punch
– silver open jump rings (can be found in the jewelry department at a craft store)
– small jewelry pliers
– small wire wreath frame (mine was about 7″ wide. I found it at Jo Ann’s fabrics)

I began by taking some white cardstock paper and my watercolor palette. I spread several sheets of paper out and painted them with like colors. I did a few ombre pages with light pink to orange, turquoise to greenish/yellow, and a few with the full spectrum of pink to yellow to blue. Feel free to get creative with this and make it as heavy or as light and watery as you like. I even splattered the brush with some water droplets a little to get some pretty drip marks on mine.

Once the watercolor paper was dry, I pressed them between 2 heavy books overnight so that they were completely flat. The next day I punched out all the circles with my scalloped paper punch. With a small hole punch, I put a hole at the top and bottom of each painted circle. This is where I clasped the silver ring to hook each medallion together. I wanted my chandelier to have an ombre effect, so I started with pinks and worked my way down to blue/greens. Once I finished creating 10 strands, I clasped them onto my wire wreath frame and was finished. This took quite a bit longer than the paint chip garland, because of clasping each and every circle with the pliers. But the finished product is truly beautiful, and the fact that it is handmade is even better :)

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! I’m off to Kauai for a much needed vacation!! :) XOX



2 thoughts on “DIY Watercolor Chandelier

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