DIY Painted Onesies

Only one more week until the baby shower I’ve been planning for months! I feel like my life has been revolving around the preparation for two huge summer events. One down, one to go. Judah’s 1st birthday party this past weekend was a smashing success. We had a blast and all the details were amazing. I will post shortly with the photos, as soon as I can catch a breath  :)

I’m sure everyone has been to at least one baby shower where they have a table set up to decorate a onesie for the soon-to-be babe. Having a design background, I’m kind of picky about those sort of set-ups. I don’t like the puffy paint, 3D raised, cheesy stuff that tends to come out of those situations. You know the mommy-to-be will ooh and aah out of courtesy about how cute the crafted onesies turned out, but the odds that she’ll actually dress her baby in those things are slim to none :)

So I decided to create a few “suggestions” for our onesie table. I used painters tape, foam brushes and fabric paint (NOT puffy paint!) to create a few designs that seemed to be at least more wearable than the typical “i love my auntie” or “Baby Loves the Dodgers!” designs you often see at showers :)

I even mocked up a little design guide for those who might lack ideas and have the desire to paint something super lame like this. Haha! :)


4 thoughts on “DIY Painted Onesies

  1. Jon says:

    Love ur site I’m fwd to my crafty brother who’s helping me plan my baby shower. <3

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  3. Hello Kiira… I hope you dont mind that we featured your Blog on our Facebook today …. Im finding myself popping by your page each day to see what you’re up to and what inspiring things I can make and share! Thank you for creating such a splendid, inspiring and creative little space!
    Jessica x
    Up Up’n’Away

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