Watercolor Baby Shower Paper Goods

Wow! This baby shower is less than a week away! I can’t believe how the summer has flown by. I can’t wait to see how everything comes together this weekend. I found these vintage 1930’s hand painted crepe paper decorations on Etsy awhile back. They fit perfectly into the watercolor theme that I’ve been planning for this baby shower, but they had already been sold.  :(  Instead I decided to recreate them. So yesterday I was hand dipping 30 tissue paper honeycomb balls in watercolors in my backyard. OMG it was so stressful. The tissue paper was sticking together and tearing from the weight of the water.  They were very labor intensive, but after drying they turned out beautifully! I wish I had taken a photo of my backyard with 30 dripping party balls hanging from benches, broomsticks and my lemon tree. :)

Here is a photo taken by Amy Stone of the finished product.

Today I’m working on all the paper goods for the shower. I started by handpainting a sheet of paper with watercolors, then scanning it in to use for all the paper goods. I designed the invite, drink signs, cake banners, a baby wishes card, and a meal train sign-up sheet. All the little details match and coordinate with the watercolor theme of the shower. I’m so excited about how everything is turning out. Love it!

(My apologies for the crappy photos. I took these late at night and didn’t have any good light, ha!)


7 thoughts on “Watercolor Baby Shower Paper Goods

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  2. Jewel says:

    wow! Beautiful paper sweets… thanks so much for the inspiration & clear directions.

  3. Taniuska says:

    can you explain your dipping process. I’m attempting to make these! They are beautiful!

    • kiiraturnbow says:

      Thank you! It took a few practice tries before I figured out the process. I used extra large baking bowls and filled them 2-3 inches with water. Then dissolved broken watercolor paints in the water. You have to make the water pretty dark. If you cant get it dark enough, a tiny amount of powdered RIT color helps. Then I dipped each end of the balls and rotated them around so that it got as high on the tissue balls as I wanted. You cant leave them in the water too long or they soak up too much water, gotta dip quick. I had broomsticks laid across chairs outside and hung the wet dripping balls to dry overnight. Parts of the tissue will stick together but once theyre dry I used a bit of glue to re-stick the honeycomb pieces that unglued.

      Best of luck!!

  4. Priscilla Harris says:

    Hi just wondered how did you make the water colour paper and what program you used to design all the signs, banners, wishes for baby and meal plan idea? I am a huge fan in Australia of all your beautiful designs and DIY ideas but god I am sooo not artistic lol and am planning my own baby shower with a friend! Priscilla

    • kiiraturnbow says:

      Hi Priscilla!
      I used a heavy cardstock paper and used basic watercolors. I started at the top of the paper with one color and added colors to fill in the paper. I used a lot of water to make the blotches.
      To design all the signs and banners I use Adobe Illustrator to lay them out and print them, and then I cut them out and fold/assemble. If you’d like to purchase my designs I do sell them pre-made and can update the type to your information. Go ahead and email me if you’re interested. Eyeheartprettythings@gmail.com :)

  5. Jessica Blanka says:

    I really love your website! This shower was absolutely beautiful–thanks for sharing. I am getting ready to throw a shower for my sister and I am interested in purchasing the paper goods you designed. I read in the previous post that you would be willing to sell them. Is that still the case? If you would be interested in selling your paper goods please let me know ASAP. I can be reached by email at jlu7766@YAHOO.COM.

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