3 thoughts on “eyeheartprettythings+watercolor+honeycomb+diy

  1. Jodie says:

    Hi Kiira,
    Your watercolour Honeycomb balls look fabulous! How did you apply the watercolour paint to the Honeycomb balls? Would love to give this a try.

    • kiiraturnbow says:

      Hi Jodie!
      It ended up making me much more nervous than I thought. First I tried handpainting the edges with a paintbrush & watercolors, but it didn’t get the colors deep enough into the tissue ball. So I created colored water baths to dip them into. I opened each ball up and fastened them with paperclips to stay open. Then I dipped one side in pink, and the other side in blue. You have to dip fast, if you let them sit in the water too long it gets too heavy with water and tears the tissue paper. This was kinda difficult and took some practice, the tissue paper started sticking together and I was afraid it would rip. I set up broomsticks in my backyard to hang them to dry. Once they were dry, I closed them back up. Some of them were a little wonky, but they folded back up. I used a craft glue to touch up a few of the tissue folds that had become un-glued. Good luck! Don’t get discouraged if it starts to seem like it’s not working. I finished the project a little discouraged, but woke up the next day when they were dry and was very pleased! :)

  2. […] need a little time and patient.This diy tutorial from mr. printables blog is my favourite, this watercolor honeycomb balls from eye heart pretty things are just lovely and this party invitation from studio diy is just a sweet idea. Design and Form […]

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